Undercover Copper

“This is a story of police officers not helping you because they can’t be bothered. This is the story of sexism at the heart of the police. This is the story of a female police officer who believes her own force doesn’t help victims of rape. This is a story of a public institution frustrated by endless paperwork.”

Dispatches: Undercover Copper, examines how rape victims are treated at every stage of the criminal justice process. From the initial reporting of a rape to the police, through to the conclusion of the court process, she discovers a postcode lottery of initial forensic and medical care for rape victims and no national standard for the number of specialist trained police officers dealing with sexual violence. With many victims too scared to embark upon the court process, Nina also lays bare the myths and misconceptions about rape held by juries that need to be challenged if more rapists are to end up behind bars. The Government acknowledges the conviction rate for rape is unacceptably low, Mike O’Brien, the Solicitor General tells Nina: “…There are a lot of rapists out there who are getting away with it and many of them are repeat rapists and therefore we need to address that.” But despite recent legislation and new initiatives designed to give victims more say, Nina finds a system that is failing to deliver justice for rape victims. (Excerpt from main website)

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