“My name is Michel Blomgren and my passion is wilderness survival, the art of keeping yourself alive under harsh circumstances.”

SURVIVAL: Episode 1 – Five points survival

I illustrate a person who get lost and at the same time go through my 5 points. The episode deals with immobilizing fear, our need for warmth & water, spruce roots as string, fire with fire steel, tinder, feather sticks & fire wood, spruce bows as a bed and smoke signal.

SURVIVAL: Episode 2 – Starvation

If it’s something I maintain to that one can do without in a typical survival situation (shorter than a couple of weeks), it’s food. In this episode I get out in nature to starve for one day while I also present my gear in (too much) detail. I also brought a blood glucose meter to measure my blood sugar level. It’s revealed that spruce needle tea contains some amount of sugar (although small).

SURVIVAL: Episode 3 – Quest for The Stone

A short episode about fire making with a carbon steel knife, quartz and charred cloth. The episode also demonstrates how to boil water or cook food without a pot. The speech is now in English (or Swenglish rather).

SURVIVAL: Episode 4 – In The Cold of The Night

No shelter, no sleeping bag, no food, just a multitool, a traditional fire making kit, and some spare clothing… in other words: an ordinary weekend after work.

SURVIVAL: Episode 5 – Survival and Abseiling

Me and Johan Forsberg from Nordic Bushcraft starve in the forest during a weekend while attempting to move cross the terrain and abseil/rappel down mountain cliffs. It was rainy and Johan didn’t bring a sleeping bag or a proper shelter. We brought very little food, but I still enjoyed the comfort of a bivybag, a sleeping bag, and a sleeping mat which made the night comfortable. (Excerpt from main website)

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  • Ep. 1 - Five Points Survival

    Ep. 2 - Starvation

    Ep. 3 - Quest For The Stone

    Ep. 4 - In The Cold of The Night

    Ep. 5 - Survival and Abseiling


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