Supernatural – The Unseen Powers of Animals

“A close encounter with the hidden powers of animals can be one of the most supernatural experiences on earth… Mysteries still remain. Harness the truly supernatural powers of animals and who knows what the future may bring.”

This landmark series explores the outer limits of recent scientific discoveries and encounters sharks that can perceive human electric auras and dolphins that use ultrasound to see human embryos in the womb.

There are frogs that have mastered cryogenics and can literally freeze themselves out of life for six months, and lizards that cry blood.

In this “strange but true” world, lizards walk on water, bacteria make gold and pets predict earthquakes. Science shows that most animals live in a different sensory and physical world to humans. Enter their world and weird phenomena such as raining fishes and stranded whales suddenly make sense. (Excerpt from main website)

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  • Episode 1 - Extrasensory Perception

    Episode 2 - Outer Limits

    Episode 3 - Hidden Forces

    Episode 4 - Time Warp

    Episode 5 - Paranormal

    Episode 6 - Close Encounters
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