Sex In The Noughties

“This expression of female sexuality was a total role reversal of the weeping into a chardonnay image that Bridgette Jones had given us and Abby Lee wasn’t alone in thinking it. Thousands of women were agreeing with her.”

The blogs that consistently attracted massive readerships were the anonymous, confessional sex diaries written by women.

From Belle De Jour to Bitchy Jones, these incredibly graphic female sex blogs gave an explicit insight into the secret desires of women, revealing what they really wanted in a way that had never been seen before.

At the centre of this revolution was one British woman whose own brand of frank sexual confessions came to be read by millions, creating a publishing sensation in the process.

This radical new voice became known to millions as The Girl with a One Track Mind, and now, for the first time ever, she lifts the lid on the secret world of the sex blogger.

There is a darker side to the story though, one concerned with a fear of being “outed”, judged and shamed for such bold and explicit confessions. Anonymity is everything with the female sex blog: you can only tell the absolute truth in all its dirty graphic detail if no one knows who you really are.

The Sex Blog Girls charts the rise and fall of an online phenomenon that began as a new brand of headline-grabbing clit lit but which ended in a tabloid sting and the public humiliation of the very woman who created it. (Excerpt from main website)

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