Ron Paul and Internet Politics

“Ron Paul has managed to not just impress people, but change them; from apathetic observers to active supporters. And he hasn’t done it with hugs and handshakes or the help of the mainstream media, the Ron Paul movement was born on the power of the Internet”

At the intersection of the Internet and politics, presidential candidate Ron Paul’s supporters are rewriting the rules of political campaigns. NOW explores how the Texas congressman and his supporters are using the Internet to attract voters—and massive campaign contributions—from across the political spectrum. Supporters include anti-war progressives, anti-tax libertarians, civil libertarians, and even some white supremacists. The common theme is anger over where the country is heading.

“Ron Paul’s campaign is so extraordinary to many of us because even while it was getting massive online traffic, you’d be lucky to get a whisper of his campaign in a lot of media outlets,” said Zephyr Teachout, Howard Dean’s former online organizer and now a Duke University professor. (Excerpt from main website)

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