On Piracy

“What piracy has demonstrated to us is still there is a demand for music. We would be a lot more worried about this whole debate if people were walking away from music completely. What they’re saying is that they want it in a different format, what they’re saying is that they want to be able to have more control over it. What we need to do is to find a way to ensure that in that process that creators get paid.” –Catherine Saxberg, Executive Director, CMPA

Each day, millions of youths from Canada and around the world download music and movies off of the Internet. This epidemic of “unauthorized” downloading has been cited by the record and film industries as being the prime cause for billions in losses. Politicians have come under tremendous pressure to pass legislation on the issue.

But despite all the media frenzy on the piracy crackdowns, there’s been very little attention to the topic itself. At the very best, news reporters regurgitated the contents of an industry press release. There was nothing of substance, which is where this documentary fits in: we wanted to cover the issue in-depth. We interviewed industry execs, copyright lawyers, pirates, consumers, artists, and everyone we could think of – and made you this film. (Excerpt from main website)

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