Off The Grid

“A lot of people say they wish they could live this way, closer to nature, more environmentally conscious, self-sufficient. No more hydro bills or water pumps. It’s possible and you don’t have to move to the country to do it. Even if nature’s not your thing, not having a hydro bill and helping the environment should be. If we’re to live in ways that are self-sustaining, we can’t help but live a life of conflict. It’s too late to go back to living in tepees or traveling by horse, but it’s not too late to get off the grid.”

Thoreau said that if an emergency struck, a man should be able to leave his home with nothing more than the clothing on his back and feel like he left nothing behind. Self sufficiency is almost impossible to obtain in modern society. Did you know there’s a dream that still prevails now as strongly as it did in 1882 when Thoreau wrote Walden? It’s that of a return to the wild.

This is not the story of hippie-communal-back-to-the-landers, this is the story of what it takes to live with alternative power sources now – to live with nature in this modern age. This is to be our permanent Walden; a life lived off the grid. (Excerpt from film)

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