Islands at Risk: Genetic Engineering in Hawaii

“This is the most radical thing that has ever happened to breeding plants or animals or other life forms. This is similar to the splitting of the atom.”

GMOs have entered 70 to 75 percent of processed supermarket food here in the United States. It’s in processed soy, processed corn – that includes corn syrup, canola oil, all kinds of things – and we don’t know what it’s doing to our children. It hasn’t been tested.

Genetic engineering is nothing more than taking the genes from one species, or even the same species, and putting it in the other organism, man to man, or man to goat, or man to tomato. You can do this in plants. You can do this is humans. So the concept of pretty good if things work as they are supposed to work. But what could go wrong?

Now these companies call themselves “life science companies” and they are genetically engineering and patenting the foods of the world, beginning with the grain crops that everyone needs to live.

[I]n Hawaii, it’s ground zero for testing genetically engineered crops. In the past ten years or so, [Hawaii has] had…more than two thousand field tests of experimental genetically engineered crops, and this is more than any other place in the world. Most of these field tests have been food crops like corn, soy beans, but some of them haveā€¦tested experimental crops designed to produce drugs and industrial compounds. (Excerpt from film)

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