Islamic History of Europe, An

“There is a chapter for Europe’s past, that tells a very different story, one that’s been largely forgotten. 1400 years ago, Muslims came westward from Arabia and the Middle East and over the next 800 years, they sent down roots here in Spain. What happened during that time would have a profound effect on the course of European civilization and history.”

In this 90-minute documentary, Rageh Omaar uncovers the hidden story of Europe’s Islamic past and looks back to a golden age when European civilisation was enriched by Islamic learning.

Rageh travels across medieval Muslim Europe to reveal the vibrant civilisation that Muslims brought to the West. This evocative film brings to life a time when emirs and caliphs dominated Spain and Sicily and Islamic scholarship swept into the major cities of Europe. His journey reveals the debt owed to Islam for its vital contribution to the European Renaissance. (Excerpt from main website)

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