Guys and Dolls

“I’d say for me the sex is better because in the back of my mind when I’m having sex with a real women, it’s like ‘damn, I hope I don’t get her pregnant’ or ‘I hope she aint get no disease.’ These dolls are worth everything to me. I’d rather live with them in a cardboard box in a frozen terrain than live in the biggest castle on the planet without them. I’ll put it that way. Because as good as the sex is with them, the peace is mind is even better. Knowing that all the lies and all the deceit and all the times I’ve been used will never happen again. Now that’s peace of mind to me.”

For some people, finding a partner in life can be difficult. For others, it’s almost impossible. 10 years ago, a small factory in California began making an alternative partner. Each is tailored made to suit every taste. There are now 3,000 real dolls across the world providing some of those with love and companionship that real women cannot…Each doll costs around 4,000 pounds. Of those able to afford it, the dolls are worth every penny. For some, money can buy you love.

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