Deep Sea UFOs

“To this day, a great majority of our oceans and seas remain vastly unexplored. We know more about the secrets and enigmas of the lunar surface than we do about the world’s waters. For as long as there have been eyewitness reports of UFOs in our skies, there have been similar reports of so-called USOs, or unidentified submerged objects, in our oceans.”

A detailed examination of the little-known phenomenon of USOs, or “Unidentified Submerged Objects”, an advanced type of UFO that can operate just as efficiently in water as in the atmosphere.

These supposed otherworldly vessels have been reported, some believe, as far back as ancient Egypt. Others believe that USOs were reported by Alexander the Great and Christopher Columbus, and might even involve the lost city of Atlantis.

Highlights include the 1967 “Shag Harbour Incident”, a government-documented USO crash off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, and a trip to the area around Laguna Cartegena in Puerto Rico, a reported hotbed of USO activity.

Interviewees include the US Navy’s Bruce Maccabee, UCLA’s Kathryn Morgan, as well as USO and UFO experts Stanton Friedman, Bill Birnes, and Preston Dennett. (Excerpt from main website)

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