Big Bang, The

“For as long as we’ve been able to think, we’ve wondered how we got here. And some of the ideas we’ve come up with have been, well, remarkable. Every civilization and religion in history has had its’ own. In one, the universe arrived after a snail shell mysteriously released a hen and a pigeon. In another, a giant emerged from an enormous egg. Today, we have the big bang, the equally remarkable idea that the universe simply began from nothing.” –Professor Jim Al Khalili

Professor Jim Al Khalili delves into over 50 years of the BBC science archive to tell the story behind the emergence of one of the greatest theories of modern science, the Big Bang.

The remarkable idea that our universe simply began from nothing has not always been accepted with the conviction it is today and, from fiercely disputed leftfield beginnings, took the best part of the 20th century to emerge as the triumphant explanation of how the universe began. Using curious horn-shaped antennas, U-2 spy planes, satellites and particle accelerators, scientists have slowly pieced together the cosmological jigsaw, and this documentary charts the overwhelming evidence for a universe created by a Big Bang. (Excerpt from main website)

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